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Visibility, Outreach, and Economic Catalyst


Pursue initiatives that make GSU a preferred destination in the region for cultural, social, economic, and continuing education pursuits; enhance collaboration between GSU and its communities; position GSU as a leader and partner in vibrant public dialogue; and increase the university’s effectiveness as an economic catalyst in the region.


  • Build regional awareness of, and preference for, GSU as a cultural destination and resource.
  • Build GSU’s presence as an important venue for dialogue and problem-solving related to the region’s critical issues.
  • Establish GSU as the regional center for continuing education and life-long learning.
  • Develop GSU’s identity as a center for excellence in academic research and collaboration.
  • Create an engaged and diverse audience (current and potential students, community members, external partners) through effective branding and marketing initiatives.
  • Continue to build GSU’s profile as an important catalyst and partner for regional economic development.