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Student Success


Provide a seamless and supportive pathway from admission to graduation focused on personal and academic success to help ensure that students are career ready and positioned to be leaders and citizens in the community.

  • Develop an exemplary first-year experience program designed to both support student success and attain first year to second year retention rates that surpass the national average for peer institutions.
  • Develop a comprehensive Academic Advising model to transition students from high-touch general education advising to quality program based advising.
  • Provide and assess a broad range of tutoring and academic support services for both general education and upper-division course work, which nurtures the highest levels of academic success.
  • Expand, enhance and promote the Dual Degree Program (DDP), including the Men of Color Initiative, as a model pathway to the baccalaureate degree for transfer students from our partner community colleges.
  • Develop, implement and assess comprehensive and progressive mentoring systems, internships, leadership programs and student engagement initiatives at the undergraduate and graduate levels focused on the development and enhancement of transferable real-world skills associated with exemplary leaders and citizens, and career ready professionals.
  • Create, promote and navigate students through a Four-Year Career Development Plan and provide expanded, strategic on-campus employment, which focuses on increasing responsibility from freshman to senior year with an emphasis on fully preparing students to define their career goals and ensuring they are career ready professionals by graduation.
  • Establish and implement the Center for the Junior Year to provide an exemplary physical and virtual resource center for native and transfer students to come together for information, support and guidance as they transition to their chosen major.
  • Establish a model residential program defined by a supportive, caring and inclusive living and learning community with high levels of engagement by resident students both on campus and in the community.